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Kenya on Brexit

Time to repeat this Twitter thread: #kenya #narrative #reimagined #chinalovesafrica #brexit



#SudanUprising in Copenhagen

On 26 June I moderate talks & debate on #SudanUprising in #Copenhagen. The Sudanese artist Khalid Albaih joins via Skype. Kindly read...

''We've died''

Bikozulu tells the stories of the people making it through last week's terror attack in Nairobi. See the Instagram post here. If you ask...

FILM: Wakamba Forever

Colonianism revisited: ..''a hilarious take on Masaku and McMillan’s first encounter set in the 21st century. From a dramatic re-telling...

Vild uge i Tanzania

Vild forgangen uge i Tanzania, og der er grund til at tro, at det fortsætter i næste uge: LGBTQ-personer trues med anmeldelse/arrest;...

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