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South Sudan: 4 years ago the war started. I was there.

Exactly 4 years ago I walked round Bor town in Jonglei State, 200 km north of Juba, on the River Nile. I had just changed my ticket out of Bor to Juba with two days, which meant I left Bor one day (14 December) before violence broke out in South Sudan on night of 15 to 16 December. I was later evacuated from Juba to Nairobi. Had I still been in #Bor, it had been a very different story as the town was one of the worst hit places in terms of violence. One reoccurring question in the time after was: 'Were we aware this conflict was brewing?!' I'd say no, though later it seemed clearer that peace wasn't unfolding. Now, we know. We have no excuses for not taking action in South Sudan. 

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