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Beograd 2017

Beograd 2017

Beograd - where ordinary and extraordinary meet all the time ♡. One week in Beograd clearly wasn't enough.I went back to Beograd during Easter 2017, after a pause of 10 years where Africa all the time came in the way of all my plans of returning. I used to live in Beograd in 2000 where I was engaged in the establishment of the Next Stop Serbia campaign and the South East European Youth Network. I used to LOVE Beograd. I still do.

So – now I finally got it together and I've just had an amazing week - reconnecting myself with old friends and places. Totally enjoying every tiny bit of the daily bus rides (and the occasional break down), burek on the go, dinners in friend's homes, drinks under trees in bloom, and late night conversations. I feel grateful for these relationships lasting this long. I even managed to make a rough plan for a return based on merging my interest in Africa with Beograd. I feel like one very fortunate person to have such a place in my life.

I can only recommend visiting Belgrade! Air Serbia takes you from Copenhagen to Beograd in two hours: Go!

More photos here.

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