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The Problem with Playback

Opdateret: 6. feb. 2020

Today. In Tanzanian news I comment on Diamond and playback performance. I try to be diplomatic - I do like how Diamond tries out new ways, but playback stage shows really are less exciting than real live music. I may be generalising on behalf of Europeans when I conclude we aren't all into playback - of course, some are. Do get a copy of The Citizen to read Sauti za Busara's director Yusuf explain why LIVE music is so much better than play-back. Or read the article here. Mind you, Tanzania has a wild tradition for live music and dance - just listen to this. Thanks to Paul Owere for picking up and writing about playback. Thanks to Catherinerose Barretto for buying The Citizen and sending photos. No playback here

#bongoflava #playback #africa #tanzania

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