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Youth: More on the Panya Road issue in Tanzania

Read @dearafrica_aw's post about the #panyaroad issue in Tanzania:

'The panya group is made of young men who used to be self-employed in the streets of Dar es salaam. Young men who took loans from different places and set up merger businesses in any corner they could find to try to make a living for themselves and their families; young men who worked the streets to try to provide for their families or some take themselves to school.

Then the “bomoa bomoa” (demolish demolish) teams came along and their sources of the little income they had were snatched away from them. With their goods stolen, their lives shattered and with no sense of direction for what to do next, these young men took to the streets. Those who tried to get back into the hustle (business) they were involved in where continuously banned from doing business. Options; they were given none.'

Read full blog post here.

Photo from Tabata, June 2008. (It's a toy gun).

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