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FILM: The Good Lie - South Sudan on the big screen

Today, I watched The Good Lie at a special screening for Danish press in Copenhagen. The film is about the children who had to flee South Sudan in the 1980ties, and who walked thousands of kilometres only to reach the refugee camps in the neighbouring countries where most ended up waiting for years and years.

I was worried it would be a tame Hollywood drama. It is not a fine art movie with complex characters. But it is a fine story where the South Sudanese head characters, two of them former Lost Boys, shine through on the screen, incl. the child actors. The film's message is not so much about the finer details of the war in South Sudan, as it is about having empathy and being able to help others in need.

Well, I both laughed and cried.

It is released in the first week of November, all over Denmark it seems. Go watch it.

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