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South Sudan: 13 months, 6 broken ceasefires...

South Sudan takes a first place for making the most disgraceful attempt to run a process on peacetalks - 13 months, 6 broken ceasefires and several neighbouring countries' presidents involved. And the latest proposal will reinstall Riek Machar and Salva Kiir in the exact same positions as before the conflict exploded.

Quotes in this article by The Mail & Guardian are amazing, but truer than true, if you ask me. Take these:

  • '3 months of slow talking and hard drinking'

  • 'More and more it’s moving towards an elite compromise, but at least that will stop the killing'

  • 'Delegates could choose from 11 restaurants and bars, bathe in a pool that plays music underwater, visit the spa or simply enjoy the indoor fountains, decorative ponds and mini-palm trees. Rooms cost around $300 a night.'

  • 'It’s all about two people and their cronies fighting to steal the wealth of South Sudan'

  • 'We have to stop the killing, even if it’s a bad agreement that doesn’t change anything,” a European diplomat told AFP.'

Link to article here.

Photo taken in Bor in Jonglei, South Sudan in November 2013.

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