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Freedom of Expression: You may ask yourself if your right to express something goes away if you don&


Doesn't freedom of expression only sort of serve its purpose if you have something relevant to say? If the core driving force is insisting on the right to say whatever, it is all ridiculous.

We extend our sympathy to what happened in France yesterday. I do, too. However what we really need is the capabilty to extend our understanding and empathy beyond ourselves.

Much, much further.

Please, put relevant in context with what your driving force is for insisting it needs to be expressed.

What is the urgency about? I.e., you may ask yourself if there is a risk it offends unneccesarily.

Ask yourself what you want to achieve, and don't close your eyes.

You may ask yourself if your right to express something goes away if you dont use it every f**** time there's an occasion.

My point is, we often abuse the coneceot of freedom of expression.

The right doesn't necessarily go away just because we don't use it.

And unfortunately most of the times the ones enjoying freedom of expression struggle with finding relevant things to say.

Let's not forget the ones who have relevant things to say, but no freedom.

Photo from Stone Town in Zanzibar.

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